Major Questions to ask at your first meeting in an Arranged Marriage

Major Questions to ask at your first meeting in an Arranged Marriage

When daughter’s or son’s age is nearing to marriage, parents are seeking for marriage relation through their relatives, families, known ones and online matrimonial portals such as Manglik or Non Manglik Matrimony Sites to find the better matchmaking. Both of the families involving in the new marriage relation should have a proper mutual understanding about each other

1)  Hobbies and Interests?

It is one of the basic details that should be communicated for the manglik or non manglik matrimony. A lot can be concluded from the reply. When the life partner that you are looking for is having the interests opposite to yours, there would always be conflicts. For instance your life partner being one of manglik or non manglik brides or grooms is more of a outgoing social person and your are confined to yourself and the family, it would results in conflicts

2) Expectations from your Life partner?

Knowing the expectations of your prospective partner for the manglik or non manglik matrimony and making your expectations clear at an initial level is always good as it will help you prepare for the future. Moreover, this topic might surprise you with some unrealistic expectations that your prospective partner might have which you may not be capable enough or willing to deliver. Having a clear stand on such things will avoid any future clashes.

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3) About future goals and plan?

It is a very important question from the point of view of both the partners. It is vital for a lady being one of manglik or non manglik brides to know about the future plans of her man. On the other side, in the same way it is important for the man being one of manglik or non manglik grooms to know about the future prospects and career plan about the girl. It is important for the girl the high career ambitions to find a man who is having better understanding towards her future plans. It needs a different mindset to find such a better understanding husband for your manglik or non manglik.

4) Responsibilities towards both families?

Girls are usually expected to take the responsibility of the new family. Now, it is really vital to that the boy being manglik or non manglik is also keen to take up the responsibilities of the two families being his own and in – laws relations. He would be having moral responsibilities towards the parents of his wife. It gives you a clear picture of your partner’s mentally and his thought process for manglik or non manglik matrimony and have a major impact on your relations as well.

5) How do you perceive your relationship with your life partner?

As you’re seeking for the perfect life partner being one of the manglik or non manglik brides or grooms in India, it is important to understand each other’s mindset well. You are either looking for the friend in your life partner or open up your hearts. This question explains a lot about your perfect matchmaking

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