How to Live in a Happy and Long Lasting Matrimony

How to Live in a Happy and Long Lasting Matrimonial

Considering the traditions on which Indian Matrimony is based on, it is common that a marriage brings together two people who are completely unknown to each other. One may think it is a challenge to lead a blissful and problem free life together in this scenario. Though it may be overwhelming in the beginning, it is crucial to develop a sense of understanding between each and be open to communication to maintain a healthy relationship between yourself and your spouse.

How to Live in a Happy and Long Lasting Matrimony
How to Live in a Happy and Long Lasting Matrimony

1. Acceptance is the Key:

As suggested in the seven vows made in a quintessential Indian Matrimony ceremony, the first and foremost duty that you need to fulfill as a new husband or wife is to accept your partner with his or her strengths as well as weaknesses. Understand that trying to change your spouse or trying to convert them into the image that you created for yourself of a perfect better half will gradually have a negative effect on your relationship. Love him or her for his individuality and never compare them to other people.

2. Listen:

The key to a successful marriage highly depends on your art of listening. Your openness to listen to your better half in the good times will encourage them to approach you in times of trouble. Be it problems at work or at home, even though you may not always have the perfect solution to your partner’s troubles, simply listening to them can provide for a source of strong support. A good Indian Manglik Matrimony works on your ability to share your partner’s happiness, aspirations and even opinions on daily matters.

3. Make Time for Each Other:

Considering the demands of today’s fast paced life, it is very likely that both the partners are working or have other commitments to fulfill through the day. It is crucial that you remove sufficient time out of your every routine to spend with your husband or wife. It is good to take vacations every once in a while, but be consistent in the time you leave out to spend together otherwise as well.

4. Be concerned for each others Happiness:

Another inclusion in the seven promises made in an Indian matrimony ceremony, following through with this promise is not as easy at it sounds. As a spouse it is your duty to identify the little things in life that make your partner happy. Incorporate them in your day to day behavior and your will receive happiness in return.

In conclusion, there are no sure-fire theoretical formulae that will ensure you a happy marital life. The idea is for you to mould into the new life with an open mind. In addition to the points mentioned above, be sure you are open to sharing responsibilities and manage financial responsibilities with utmost care. Also, make sure that your private life is maintained within the four walls of your home and not made too public and be open to providing for your partners physical needs. All in all, work towards maintaining a healthy relationship for life.

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