Manglik Dosh and Kumbh Vivah

Manglik Dosh and Kumbh Vivah

As experts have said that Kumbh vivah & marriage is directly related to Manglik Yoga. If Mars is sitting in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th position of the horoscope, then the sight of Mars falls on the seventh house of the horoscope. The seventh house belongs to the wife or spouse in the horoscope. The status of the seventh house is measured for the marriage of man. If the effect or position of Mars is on the seventh house then Manglik Yoga is formed in the horoscope.

This yoga will be found in the horoscopes of forty percent people and after deep study of the potential of Mars in it, it is known whether there is Manglik Yoga or not. And it can be done only by knowing the astrology. If seen in this way, the percentage of Manglik will come down from forty percent to ten or twelve percent. Among these, those who are suffering from the ill effects of Mars to a great extent or whose first marriage is due to break up due to Manglik Dosha or any other yoga, are advised to Kumbh marriage.

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According to Pandit knowing something, if the age of brides and grooms is more than 30 years or the place where the bride or bride groom’s Mars is located, Mars-dosha is not considered even if there is Saturn-Rahu-Ketu or Sun in another horoscope. If the second horoscope was not Mars-defective, it would remain. Mangal Dosha is not worth considering even if the number of the hooligans comes above 30 in the merits of the brides and grooms.

According to experts, there is a very reasonable rationale behind the marriage of Kumbh, that if the marriage of a girl is the sum of two marriages, then before marriage, the way a person is married by law, in the same way, inanimate thing i.e. marriage to a pot After that, the pitcher is broken. In this way, when the girl gets married, she will not be considered as the first and second marriage.

It is also necessary to know who should or should not do Kumbh Vivah if they are known to the experts, because there are so many jholachap pandits who, due to their incomprehensible knowledge, only give advice on seeing that the girl is Manglik Kumbh marriage. They do not know that an innocent person may have to bear the brunt of those who do this for the benefit of their little money. Kumbh Vivah is also really a marriage and the marriage that follows will be seen from the second house of the horoscope. If Kumbh marriage is necessary for all Manglik people, then at least forty percent of the cases of divorce or remarriage would have been due to Manglik people only. Therefore, only those who see Manglik should avoid those who prophesy abruptly. Kumbh Vivah should be done only when the sum of two marriages is in the horoscope. Kumbh Vivah can be advised in the horoscope given below.

The first thing is that in the above mentioned horoscope, Jatika is not Manglik. Venus and Shani are very good in the seventh house but not together. This horoscope is the sum of two marriages, which is because Venus is in the constellation Chitra, which is of Mars. Mars belongs to the sixth position in this horoscope. The relationship of the sixth to the seventh place is enough to fail the first marriage. Saturn is also in Swati Nakshatra which is of Rahu. In this way, the seventh house is related to Mars, Rahu and Saturn. Shani does not have that bad influence in this horoscope as it is in a higher zodiac sign and hence the marriage of Mars and Rahu is possible.

Apart from this, Archa Vivah or Vat Marriage also has the same purpose as Kumbh Marriage. According to the place and country people everywhere do Kumbh Vivah or Arka marriages in their own way. Getting married to the Vat tree is called Vat Vivah. Aka is a plant Marriage with aka’s plant is called extract marriage and many other things can happen, but I have written whatever I know above. The plant of extracts is related to Shani where extracts can be married where Shani is responsible for delay in marriage. Aquarius is the marriage for Mars. If there is a valid yoga in the horoscope of the girl, then in North India, the statue of Vishnu is married.

There is no harm in getting Kumbh Vivah, Arka Vivah or Vat Marriage whatever has been said to the person if necessary. This action should be done with full devotion and faith. This action should be done in secret as far as possible. If the help of the girl’s maternal uncle is taken, then it is very good. Vata marriages, peepal marriages etc. should be avoided as it is said that there can be outbreak of upper powers on trees.

For the information of our readers, we have compiled all the above information, we are not astrologers or pundits. Therefore, for any such problem, it would be better if you do some work only under the advice and direction of a good expert.

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