Manglik dosh nivaran after marriage


As per traditional astrology Mangliks person will be devoid of marital happiness in life. Either the shaadi/ partnership ends due to a tragedy/ accident/ injury involving the native himself/ herself or involving the spouse or both.

What Marital Problems Does a Manglik Face?

It is believed that Mangalik Dosha mainly impacts a person’s married life. It can lead to disharmony and tension between the husband and wife. Some also believe that marriage between a Manglik and a non-Manglik can lead to the untimely death of one of the partners.


How to Perform a “Kumbh Vivah” to Get Rid of “Mangal Dosh”

To cancel “Mangalik Dosh” or “Mangal Dosh” a “Kumbh Vivaah” (wedding) or “Ghat Vivah” is performed between the following:

  • Manglik Girl and a Peepal Tree
  • Manglik Girl and a Banana Tree
  • Manglik Girl and a Gold or Silver Statue of Lord Vishnu
  • Manglik Girl and a Clay Pot or Urn which is later broken to signify the Manglik has become a widow

“Kumbh” and “Ghat” mean “Pot” and “Vivah” means wedding. So the literal meaning of “Kumbh Vivah” or “Ghat Vivaah” is wedding with a Pot (usually Clay).

Also the marriage is full of fighting, misunderstanding and lack of happiness till it lasts. Divorce/ separation (temporary or permanent) result Accordingly, a very negative dosha to have in a horoscope and it limits the marital bliss a person might enjoy in their life unless they marry another Manglik, in which case the blemish gets neutralized to a large extent. As per traditional astrology when Mars resides in house – 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th in a horoscope, Mangal dosha exists. An individual with a Mangal dosha is called a Mangliks.

Mars dosha is also considered from the Moon and the above locations from Moon rashi will indicate a Manglik dosha as well. system of astrology doesn’t consider this aspect of Mars dosha as the result of the 7th house is given by the signification of the cuspal sub lord of that house. If the cuspal sub lord of the 7th house signifies 6,8,10,12th house house then there arise problems in the marriage. Not elaborating further on the nature of the problems, here in astrology the significance of the cuspal sub lords of the 7th house is given prime importance as it delivers the results of that house. As per Mangliks astrology the cuspal sub lord of the 7th house should signify 2,5,7 and 11th house for a person to get married. It is seen that 8th house significance also gives marriage, but will definitely give some pain of its house effect.

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