Matrimony Sites in India with Standard and Special Features

Matrimony Sites in India with Standard and Special Features

Going two decades back, family relations were the major sources to find the perfect marriage relation to marry the brides and grooms. But now a day lots of trends have come. The most important of them are the matrimony sites that help to find the perfect brides or grooms on broad range of choice parameters available for you.

Standard features

Most of the matrimony sites incorporate the standards features in their routine working that every person expect to look for. They are very vital and are as follows:

  • Uploading of multiple pictures – This feature of matrimony sites in India allow to share a few pictures of your album in addition to your profile picture with the members with whom you are interested.
  • Expression of interest– In the matrimony sites, the person can express his interest on the bride or groom profile of his choice even if he is a free member. The message is triggered even to the paid members
  • Highlighting of profiles – This feature of the sites offers the opportunity for your profile to come up in top ten searches of the profiles that meet your matching criteria.
  • Chat– some of the matrimony sites allow the chat with the person with whom the concerned is connected while the others allow the chat facility with the any person on the site.
  • Automated email and phone verification – In order to reduce the chance of incoming fake profile , the phone call or email verification message link is triggered to the person who is seeking is registration with the matrimony sites.

Special Features

In addition to the standard features, most of the matrimony sites such as have introduced some special new features as follows:-

Verification of profiles

 This feature shows that the person with the profile is very keen to seek his sole aim to marry and has undergone the proper verification and validation process for his profile.

Recommending 10 profiles daily

Some of the matrimony sites recommend 10 profiles per day to their members based on their choice criteria. This saves considerable time as you have to offer just 15 minutes to have a better go the recommended profiles for you.

Life Partner Search

Here the soul mate search is done in matrimony sites in India such as Mangliks using the various interesting filters such as education, occupation, region, caste, sub caste, religion and many more parameters of choices.

Crowd sourced Matrimony Service

Through the crows sourced matrimony services, various profiles on the matrimony sites are sought out with the family and friends which they may share and refer to their loved ones.

Refining of Search Options

Some of the matrimony sites allow refining of searches on grounds of more advanced filters such as astrology and special cases in addition to the normal parameters of the choices such as occupation, education, region etc.

Introducing Offline Centers

The matrimony sites have started their offline centers also that help the parents, aunts and uncles in the small towns and cities that are not friendly with the computer and technology.

Free messaging

As a value added service, the matrimony sites are allowing free messaging service to the profiles of interest and it may be more worthwhile when such a message comes to the profile on the site from the premium member.