Manglik Marriages

Manglik Marriages

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Remedies and Solutions for Manglik Marriages for Manglik Brides & Grooms

Manglik and Non Manglik marriage is always a topic of debate & discussion. It is very difficult to convince the parents of Mangliks brides & grooms if any one of them has the Mangal Dosh in his or her horoscope. According to the horoscope Mangal Dosh is related to placement of planet mars in certain houses of the horoscope. A person is considered Manglik if planet Mars is placed in one, two,four,seven,eight or twelth house of his horoscope. Marriage of Manglik with non Manglik life partner is not considered good.

One should not be worried about the ill effects of being a Manglik. According to Astrology, there are certain cures, remedies& solutions to eradicate this Mangal Dosh.

One of the solutions for the cancellation of negative effects of Manglik is to visit a Navgraha temple. There are a couple of temples for Lord Mangal. Some of the well known temples are there in Tamil Nadu, Guwahati, Assam.

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