Planets And Body Parts In Vedic Astrology

Planets And Body Parts In Vedic Astrology

The 6th House is mentioned as the House of disease, sickness etc. besides other negative happenings and adversities in the native’s life. One must check the 6th House, the strength and position of the lord of the 6th House, the ascendant lord and planets expecting the 6th House.

The 6th House or Sixth House represents the state of the disease, recovery from it and the duration – how long it will be affecting the person. It also determines the immunity, the internal strength of a person to fight with the ailments. It also governs will power to face challenges and difficulties in the life.

Apart from the diseases, the 6th House represents step mother, (abortion and delivery of child in females horoscope), employees, pet animals, dress and hygiene.

Planets and body parts in astrology

Read below to find about the planets and diseases in astrology and planets and body parts in astrology:

Sun Planet (Surya)

Sun is the karaka of bones. Sun rules the stomach, right eye, heart, skin, head and joints. A weak Sun can make native suffer from high fever, mental illnesses. During the dasha and antardasha of Sun, relapse of previous diseases can occur.

Moon Planet (Chandra)

Moon is the karaka of mind and heart. It rules heart, mind (brain), lungs, left eye, breast, blood and all kinds of body fluids. It can cause sleeplessness, lack of intelligence, mental imbalance, asthma, and all kinds of blood related problems. It is also responsible for diabetes, menstruation, and respiratory diseased.

Mars Planet (Mangal)

It is responsible for blood, bone-marrow, neck, veins, blood, genitals, neck, female organs and metabolism of the body. It also affects tumor and piles.

Mercury Planet (Budh)

Mercury is the karaka of chest, skin, nervous system, lungs, face, hair and tongue. Afflicted Mercury or weak Mercury can cause problems related to muscle, hair, nerves and face. Serious ailments such as paralysis, ulcers, cholera, skin diseases, typhoid and hair loss is caused by weak Mercury.

Jupiter Planet (Brihaspati)

Jupiter is the karaka of fat, brain, liver, kidneys, thighs, lungs and spleen. A weak Jupiter give diseases such as diabetes, infection in pancreas and kidneys. It also causes injury in thighs and spleen. It is very much responsible for diabetes.

Venus Planet (Shukra)

Venus is the karaka of face, eyes, genitals and reproductive organs and glands. During the dasha and antardasha of Venus, one may suffer from loss of eyesight, fever and all kinds of sexual diseases.

Saturn Planet (Shani)

Saturn is the karaka of legs, bones, joints, teeth and
hair. Weak Saturn in the horoscope can give diseases related these organs. Saturn is responsible for injury to bone, joints, muscular pain and blindness. It also governs hair loss and paralysis.

Rahu Planet

Rahu is the karaka of lungs, respiratory organs, legs and neck. A weak Rahu causes cataract, asthma, sudden injury to legs and neck. It is also one of the planets which is responsible for cancer.

Ketu Planet

Ketu is the karaka of abdomen, joints and lungs. Sudden fever or injury to abdomen/stomach is caused by weak Ketu. Eye disorders (sight problems), stomach pain and physical weakness is caused due to afflicted Ketu. It must be noted that a weak Ketu can give mysterious diseases whose cause may note be determined easily or may be known at very late stages.

Apart from the planets, the 12 Houses in the Kudli/Horoscope also represents few disease. See below:


Head, brain and mind. It also represents confidence and ego.

2nd House

Face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears and bones.

3rd House

Overall physicl growth, neck, throat, hands and respiration including breathing.

4th House

Heart, breast (female), blood and all kinds of respiratory organs.

5th House

Upper area of the abdomen, mind, heart, liver and intestines.

6th House

Lower area of the abdomen, navel, bones and kidneys.

7th House

Reproductive fluids and organs and female organs.

8th House

Urine and blood.

9th House

Thighs and limbs.

10th House

Knees and bones.

11th House

Lower area/bottom organs and legs.

12th House