The Seven Vows of Hindu Matrimony

The Seven Vows of Hindu Matrimony

The quintessential Indian wedding ceremony symbolizes the purity behind the holy union of two people. While there are a number of derivations to the way a Hindu wedding is performed, the crux of the matter is that every tradition followed is with the intention to merge two different sets of people, i.e., the family members, as well as different communities through Manglik Matrimony.

The Seven Vows of Hindu Matrimony
The Seven Vows of Hindu Matrimony

Some call it Sapta Padi while the others make these vows in the form of Saat Pheras; both these rituals follow the same philosophy where the couple makes seven vows to each other with the blessings of the holy fire place and in the presence of loved ones.

First Vow

In the first vow as per the rituals of Hindu Matrimony, the couple asks the God to bless them with pure food and nourishment. The groom promises his better half that he will cherish her and offer her and their children abundance of welfare and happiness. The bride promises to be take responsibility of the household and provide him with food and help in any way.

Second Vow

The man promises to protect the house and the family, while the woman vows to be the source of courage and strength to him. She promises to find happiness in his happiness and in return asks the husband to be faithful to their love.

Third Vow

The couple asks God to bless them with the power to grow wealthy and prosperous. The groom promises to ensure the education of his children and also asks for their long life. The bride promises to love her spouse for the rest for her life and further vows to remain faithful to her husband.

Fourth Vow

In this promise, according to the Hindu Matrimony, the husband praises his wife for bringing sacredness into his life and to have completed him. He asks the higher power to bless him and his spouse with humble and obedient offspring’s.

Fifth Vow

Here, the husband blesses his wife for being the best-friend in his life and for having faith in him. He thanks her for having become a part of his life and enriching it. In return, the bride promises to trust and honour him and also promises to work towards fulfilling all his wishes.

Sixth Vow

The man expresses gratitude to his wife by blessing her with joy and peace. The wife promises to never leave her husband’s side.

Seventh Vow

In the final vow, the bride and groom express rejoice over having been united as one for eternity with God as a witness. They further promise to maintain the friendship and understanding for life.

The elaborate rituals behind a Manglik Hindu Matrimony are evident through all the ceremonies performed before and after a wedding. Among all the rituals big and small, the seven vows are considered to be the foundation of every Indian wedding. These promises are what create the sacred bond that binds together two souls for eternity. Any Hindu wedding is considered incomplete without the recital of these vows in any form.