Predict Spouse Appearance with Astrology and Spouse Indicator

Predict Spouse Appearance with Astrology and Spouse Indicator

The Indian Vedic astrology is able to imparting us with much-preferred insights approximately our destiny lifestyles. One such place of prediction is the predictions approximately our destiny partner. This article will communicate approximately how we will compare the splendor and look of the partner with the assist of astrology.

The predictions approximately partner`s splendor are one of the maximum sought aspects, specially with the aid of using the male natives. Therefore, we can be focusing the predictions and evaluation extra from the factor of view of a male native, however the information referred to under are similarly legitimate for a lady person as well.
Predict Spouse Appearance with Astrology and Spouse Indicator
Predict Spouse Appearance with Astrology and Spouse Indicator

Before we will compare it withinside the kundli, we need to apprehend what type of splendor we’re seeking out in our lifestyles partner.

Facial splendor of Spouse

Eye kind – The eye of someone contributes to facial splendor. A benefic planet like Jupiter and Venus can suggest suitable searching eye. Bright white eyeball, wherein the eyes are neither too small to too massive in appearance. A sturdy Moon also can make a contribution to suitable searching eyes. Planets like Mars, Rahu and Saturn can make a contribution in the direction of dull-searching eyes with out splendor and charisma, however that is handiest proper if they’re negatively contributing in the direction of your seventh residence or seventh lord or another significate.

Skin kind and Skin tone

Normally wholesome pores and skin is ideal searching pores and skin no matter pores and skin tone or complexion. Sun and Jupiter can deliver radiant pores and skin kind regardless of some thing can be the pores and skin tone. Saturn and Ketu regulations shortage so can represent dry pores and skin kind. And Venus and Moon regulations can denote wet or tender pores and skin kind. Moon also can represent a barely truthful pores and skin tone than the overall pores and skin tone of the network or the gene line of your partner.

Hair kind

Planets which might be warm and dry like Sun and Mars denotes skinny hairs and relatively susceptible hair follicle. Saturn indicates messy hair. Venus indicates an awesome searching man or woman who takes care in their hair. Venus also can represent curly hairs and Mercury can every now and then additionally denote curls.


The general composition of the face is at closing the maximum crucial aspect which topics in facial splendor. The form and length of the eyes, nose, lips and exams all in aggregate depicts if a person is perceived as lovely or not. Jupiter offers an appealing face with every now and then little bulkiness for the reason that Jupiter regulations abundance. Venus can deliver a nicely-proportioned face with mammoth charm. Saturn which isn’t so nicely located or in awful situation can deliver unimpressive appears and extra mature appears at the face than the real age. Sun and Jupiter can every now and then make a contribution to spherical searching faces. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can make a contribution to an extended face. But in the long run that is situation to extrade primarily based totally on the general own circle of relatives genetics of the partner. Mercury denotes teens and consequently can deliver a younger-searching face whilst influencing the seventh residence or associated planets and the seventh lord.

Physical splendor of Spouse

Now we come to bodily factors of the partner. How the kind and length of a woman`s frame can have an effect on her stage of splendor is a lot dramatic. And adult males with the muscular frame are well-liked however aren’t always appealing.

Body Shape

Another crucial element that determines the general splendor of your partner is frame form. Some humans are slender and appealing. Some humans have a few weight placed on however nonetheless flaunt the ones appealing frame curves. Athletic humans however have a distinctive sort of splendor and elegance with them. The have an effect on of Jupiter and Strong Moon contributes toward frame fats and a chunk overweight looks. Mars may also constitute athletic frame types: each appealing and non-appealing ones. Venus can supply a totally appealing frame kind if now no longer in very awful situations within side the chart. Saturn and Ketu make contributions to Slim frame kind. Rahu with none precise have an effect on with it may constitute unattractive frame form. Sun and Jupiter additionally constitute a robust construct and healthful frame form.


A proportioned top is a superb element to have in frame composition. The have an effect on of the Sun offers common top. The have an effect on of the Moon, Mars or Mercury can reason quick top. But Moon may be very effortlessly stimulated via way of means of different robust planets or different affects. Jupiter can supply top among the medium and tall range. Venus additionally indicates common top. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu can convey tall top as a physical characteristic in someone.


Just like top, weight is simply some other frame element that wishes to be in proportion. Too a lot or too little of that may damage someone in phrases of his/her bodily splendor. Jupiter can supply a few cumbersome builds in frame form. Moon and Venus whilst with the have an effect on of watery symptoms and symptoms also can characterize overweighed frame kind. Saturn and Ketu can denote slender frame shape with very possibilities of fats accumulation. Rahu can characterize each extremes whilst below the respective affects of planets. Rahu together with robust Venus also can denote a totally stunning frame and well-proportioned frame weight. Strong Mars can characterize weight in phrases of muscle groups as opposed to fats.

We have a committed article on lady frame form and splendor elements primarily based totally on planets in Navamsa. Wife’s splendor because of Navamsa.

How to are expecting the splendor of Spouse with the aid of using your horoscope/kundli?

The most important hiccups after studying a few astrological articles or looking a few youtube motion pictures on partner predictions are that, How to use it to our kundli chart? And to make certain despite the fact that the stated information observe to our chart in order that we will validate the predictions. For that purpose, we need to make a few tests in our kundli. This is the a part of horoscope evaluation in which maximum errors may be made.

To lessen our efforts and well examine the crucial factors (like seventh house, seventh lord and seventh Navasma etc.) in marriage astrology and partner predictions, we can use a device known as Spouse Indicator (SI).

Let us first outline a system for higher and extra correct analysis.

For to make sure if our destiny existence associate may be lovely or handsome. We may be checking karakas for marriage, Venus withinside the case of male horoscope and Jupiter withinside the case of girl horoscope. Then we want to test for the fortune potentials of the residence of existence associate. That may be acknowledged via way of means of searching on the situations of the seventh residence from Navamsa (essentially the spinoff chart for fortune). Then in the end we want a few extra affirmation to make sure approximately our envisioned predictions. To verify the indicators from 1st signs we can use the seventh residence of NTR as a confirmatory indicator.

Don`t fear in case you do not know approximately any of those factors, the ones may be without problems calculated via way of means of the Spouse Indicator app and we might not price you for it. All you may want is a accurate start time with different start details. Moving beforehand beneath are the matters we can be searching at:
  1. Conditions of Venus (for Man) or Jupiter (for Woman).
  2. Conditions of seventh residence of Navamsa.
  3. Conditions of seventh residence of NTR.
  4. Influences of planets.

Rules for predicting Spouse Appearances from Astrology (the use of Spouse Indicator):

A man or woman would possibly have a completely lovely spouse or charming/appealing husband, if

  1. Jupiter or Venus have 2 factors or extra than 2 factors.
  2. seventh residence of Navamsa has 2 factors or extra than 2 factors.
  3. seventh residence of Navamsa is both aspected or conjunct via way of means of any of benefic planets (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or Moon). [Extremely important condition]. Note: There have to be no conjunction of Venus and Mercury.
  4. seventh residence of NTR have to have 2 or extra than 2 factors.
These situations cannot best symbolize a lovely partner, however additionally a very good and fruitful married existence.

A man or woman can have a more youthful partner or more youthful-searching partner, if

  1. Jupiter or Venus have 2 factors or extra than 2 factors.
  2. seventh residence of Navamsa has 2 factors or extra than 2 factors.
  3. The seventh residence of Navamsa is both aspected or conjunct via way of means of Mercury on my own or via way of means of Mercury and Moon. [Extremely important condition].
  4. seventh residence of NTR have to have 2 or extra than 2 factors.