Which House Gives Fame In Astrology

Which House Gives Fame In Astrology

Which house gives fame in astrology? Know which house represents fame in astrology? Which planet is responsible for name and fame and sudden rise in life vedic astrology.

According to the Vedic astrology, name and fame is seen through the 10th House (the House of fame) and also through 1st House, 5th House and 9th House.

The 10th House is the main house for fame and the 5th House and 9th House are known as Trikonas or Laxmi Sthan in Vedic astrology. The 5th House is the House of creativity, talent and learning and the 9th House is the House of fate and destiny and is known as Bhagya Sthan.

Planets responsible for name and fame in Vedic astrology are Sun, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Rahu.

Shani or Saturn is one of the best planets for name and fame and all kinds of success in life. Saturn is known as “Nyayadhish” or the planet is a Judge. Thie means as the planet of “justice”, Saturn determines to give bad results or to give good results.

Rahu is another planet which gives immense fame to the person. Saturn and Rahu, both planet leads into higher authoritative positions such as politics. While Saturn gives fame slowly, Rahu gives fame suddenly to the person for no valid reasons. Fame with Rahu is very unpredictable and is hard to handle which becomes one of the main reasons for the downfall of that person itself.

Other planetary combinations for fame are:

  1. When Moon is placed in the 10th House or 5th House in its own sign or exaltated sign, then the person becomes really famous.
  2. A strong connection with the lords of the 5th House and 10th House makes such person famous because of his education and learning.
  3. Mars in 10th House with Capricon sign makes the person very famous in the field of astrology or mythology.
  4. Gaj Kesari Yoga (between Jupiter and Moon) makes a person famous in his lifetime via his career or profession.
  5. Vargottama Lagna (the Lagna Lord of Kundli and the Lagna Lord or Navamsa have the same sign) makes person famous because of his personality and character.
  6. Adhi Yoga (when the 6th House, 7th House and 8th House is occupied with benefic planets) makes people famous without no reason.
  7. When the planets in 10th House and 7th House interchange their signs it makes such people famous from their the early days, after few years of his birth.

Apart from the above planetary positions and yogas, the position of Sun in the Kundali also governs the fame. As we know that Sun grants fame and makes people famous, the position of Sun in the horoscope is an important factor.