Role of Astrology in Marriage Process

Role of Astrology in Marriage/Shaadi and Matchmaking Process

Astrological interventions start with birth with manglik Kundli creation for the newborn predicting his/her future. Following this, one seeks astrological consultation at the time of education, job and marriage/shaadi.’

Kundli MatchMaking Online for Marriage

Role of Astrology in Marriage Process
Role of Astrology in Marriage Process

Astrology and Indian Way of Life

This post refers specifically to the importance of astrology in manglik matchmaking in Hindu. Astrology plays a role in partner selection, guna rectification and fixing of shaadi date and time. All these factors are decided basis astrology where celestial objects influence the life of the concerned. As per astrology all the planets, moon and the sun have an influence on the life of an individual. Therefore, marriage – one of the most important decisions of life – needs to be taken with utmost care and study.

Why Marriage Matching or Match-Making or Kundli Milan for Marriage is necessary?

The main importance or necessity of kundli matchmaking is to find the compatibility between the bride and groom. Marriage is one of the most important and effective events in the lifespan of a human being. For getting success in married life we have to give importance to the longevity of married life. After 6 months or 1 year or 3 years of marriage if you have to file a divorce, then what is the meaning of getting married?

A love relationship can be started at any moment of our life, this is not a very big issue. But the main issue is to keep that beautiful relationship throughout life. So, we need to check various factors to analyze the compatibility between both of the soul.

We have to judge various factors like:-

  • Longevity of married life
  • Mental Compatibility
  • Physical Compatibility
  • Physiological Compatibility or Health Issues
  • Financial Status
  • Offspring related factors.

Role of Astrology in Marriage Dates

The marriage dates are decided by an astrologer who is well versed in this knowledge. He looks for the well suited day and time as per the kundali and the Hindu calendar.

Astrologers look at at the current positions of the dominant planets of the grooms and the brides to fix an auspicious date. Astrologers List

  1. Ganesha Speaks
  2. Kaamini Khanna Astrologer
  3. Vivek Mudghal Astrologer
  4. Shri Binu Nair
  5. Astrologer Alka Sharma