Short-Listing the Perfect Caterer for your Matrimonial Ceremony

Short-Listing the Perfect Caterer for your Matrimonial Ceremony

In spite of all the colours, dance, fun and impeccable hospitality of the family members, the success of any matrimonial event is often gauged on how good the food was. Very often you will find old people walking out of a wedding hall and commenting on the quality of the food first. One can imagine the pressure of having the perfect caterers and setting the perfect menu to ensure that the guests of your wedding party go home happy and with good memories of your event.

Short-Listing the Perfect Caterer for your Matrimonial Ceremony

Indian weddings are incomplete without a buffet of mouth-watering delicacies. And thus, it is important for your hire a caterer who is able to offer to you a range of food items which satisfy the taste buds of all guests present.

Before you hire a caterer, make sure you have taken into consideration the following :–

1. While you are talking to the caterers, make sure they know what culture you belong to, which will influence the taste pallet of the menu. For example, Punjabi weddings will consist of a non-vegetarian menu with a range of spicy dishes while a typical Gujurati wedding will most probably consist of an extensive but pure vegetarian menu.

2. Identify the food items that the caterers are famous for, and request for a tasting session. Do not simply go by word of mouth and fix on a menu that you feel will work best with your guests.

3. It is preferred that your caterers are focused on catering to only your wedding party. During peak wedding seasons, it is common for caterers to divide their staff between multiple events, thus risking the quality of food and service offered.

4. Make sure that they are abiding to all the necessary health-codes and not risking the health of your guests.

5. Ensure that the caterers assign to you a relationship manager before and on the day of the matrimonial event. He or she should be your ‘go-to’ person in case of any complaints on the day of the event.

6. Also see pictures of events they have handled in the past. Gauge their cleanliness, quality of cutlery, uniforms of the serving staff and the aesthetics.

In addition to this, put on your negotiation hat and make sure you are able to get the best possible rate out of the caterers you pick.

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