Significance of the Pheras in a Manglik Matrimony

Significance of the Pheras in a Manglik Matrimony

Indian Manglik Matrimonials are known for the traditional values that it instils on the couple in addition to pomp that goes into the celebration. Among the rituals that are conducted over several days, the most crucial is that of the wedding ceremonies itself; i.e., the Pheras.

Significance of the Pheras in a Manglik Matrimony
Significance of the Pheras in a Manglik Matrimony

Each phera represents a unique aspect in the life of the couple –

  1. In the first phera, the couple prays to the Gods and asks them to bless the couple for healthy food and a respectable life. This stage of the ceremony also claims that God is the only ultimate deity, and only one who can give them the true blessings of a wholesome life. In this stage the groom also promises that their love will become more intense with every single day that passes.
  2. In the second phera of the Manglik matrimony ceremony, the couple promoses to stand by each other forever and to play the role of each other strength and courage for life. The bride promises to fill her husband’s heart with courage and fill his ears with only pleasant words.
  3. In the third phera, the groom promises to remain with his wife spiritually and that he will look at other women only as his sisters. He promises her mutual growth and a life that flourishing. The bride promises that her love and respect for her husband will never fade.
  4. In the fourth phera, the couple promises each other that they provide all the help and support to each other’s parents and elders of the family. They promise each other to fill their lives with good fortune and sanctity.
  5. In the next phera, they ask the almighty to bless them with kindness and they pray for the happiness of each other’s relatives.
  6. The sixth phera represents the promises made by the groom and bride to add immense happiness into each other’s lives. The wife promises to participate in all her husband’s noble acts, and try her best to perform all her devotional duties.
  7. In the seventh phera, and the last phera which represents the completion of the ceremony, the couple asks God to bless them with a long lasting bond that consists of understanding, companionship and loyalty for each other.

With these simple yet deep promises, a young Indian bride and groom venture into a new life of happiness and bliss.

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