Tips to check genuiness of Profile on Matrimony Sites

Tips to check genuiness of Profile on Matrimony Sites

1. Use Express Interest Feature on Matrimony Sites and Set Your Preferences

Setting up the proper preference for your soul mate is the first step of the filtering processes in matrimony sites. It is more or less good to express interest in the profiles of our choices using express interest feature of matrimonial sites. We would be waiting for the interest from other side whether our interest is accepted or declined. It would offer you with the choices of Indian brides and grooms that are really interested in you and you too are interested in them on matrimony sites

2. Use Social Media

We need to check the personal and professional attributes of the person at social media profiles such as Face book, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram. We would be checking those attributes with the attributes defined on matrimony sites in India that we are registered with.

3. Use online conversation on matrimony sites in India

Once the profiles for brides or grooms are mutually accepted, then both the parties may exchange their contacts to know each other well. They may also initiate conversion using email or live chat feature of Indian matrimony sites such as Mangliks in place of arranging meeting or phone calls. You may then proceed ahead to share horoscope, professional and personal bio-data. It would all be checked correctly to check the genuineness of matrimonial profiles. Chatting feature may further help to know well about the culture, family choice, personal and professional choices and many more things of interest about the prospective person.

4. Professional & Education Background verification of profiles on matrimony sites.

Online conversation helps to verify the educational and professional occupation backgrounds about the matrimonial profiles of your choices on matrimony sites in India such as You may ask a few relevant questions regarding the concerning education and occupation of the interested person. You may also cross check through your near ones using social media sites and many more methods who have passed near to the same year as the prospective person. This type of verification is requiring a lot of efforts and gut feeling.

5. Residential Information Verification

you would be verifying the residential information of the concerning bride or groom using your family members, friends and relatives help. You would also be reaching out to the known ones and neighbors of the concerning person verify the authencity of the residential of the alliance.

6. Family Background Verification

Earlier the word of mouth was the only way to find the appropriate match using the culture, history, financial stability and social status of the family. But now days when you are registered with matrimonial sites in India. You may know many more parameters in advance using matrimony sites. After that you may arrange for offline meeting with the family of concerning bride or groom and near ones to have a proper verification of the family background.

7. Arrange for a Personal Meeting with the prospective bride or groom

Once you are done with online contacting the concerning person, you would then be arranging a meeting with the family of concerning bride or groom to know many more things. After all you not only marry the person, you also would in deep contact with the family persons of the concerning person. Once you are done with the first meeting, you may also contact other persons that are in attachment to the concerning family.

8. Emotional Status Verification of the Alliance

Pre marital affairs before the marriage should also be better taken into consideration. As the number of persons are in live involved in love affairs, but later on they fail to unite as soul mate.  You should better be to sit down with alliance, his life partner and his families to have a thoughtful marriage decision.

9. Seek guidance of Astrology

Some of the Matchmaking matrimony sites also help with horoscope matching to know more personal attributes of the alliance. Indian Hindu culture keeps more focus on astrology. Astrology does not give you very surety for the successful marriage. But, it should also be taken into account.

You must be properly checking the above discussed criteria and many more parameters to better judge the genuineness of profiles for Indian brides or grooms on matrimony sites in India.