Online matchmaking website steps in India

Online matchmaking website steps in India

Single looking to Mingle? Are you all alone? Busy bee term defines you? Is the answer to all these questions a thumping YES? Then read these Step Marriage Guide by

A lot of us are torn between career & personal life. Preference, however, is given to career. A lot of singles admit to having little time outside of work. Are you in a job which allows you the comfort of working from home? If yes, then this lock-down is the best time to start the matchmaking process.
Now, whether you believe in the concept of love marriage or arranged marriage, TIME is a crucial element. The process of choosing a life partner is truly as important as your career. What we all need to understand this well. Searching for your mangliks partner should be a high-priority item in your life. In addition, you need to understand your match before you decide upon the crucial question of marriage. Collated below, are some Steps of the Matchmaking Guide by

1. Discovery of Profiles

First of all, begin by searching suitable profiles. There are various means of discovering the profiles that interest you. First of all, there are new age social dating apps like Tinder, TrulyMadly, Quackquack. Then, there are matrimonial platforms such as,,, Jeevansaathi & BharatMatrimony. Additionally, you have your traditional local matchmaker who knows you best. In contrast, you have – an ever growing network of matchmakers. Powered by a high touch tech solution matchmakers share curated profiles saving you a lot of time & headache.

2. Initiating Conversation

First of all, select the profile then this step. Secondly, start talking to the shortlisted profiles. You can either drop a WhatsApp/text message introducing oneself or directly call. If the families are involved then the parents speak to each other to assess suitability. Whereas, if the kids are directly involved then they speak. This step is certainly very important because this first conversation decides whether or not the case moves forward. Here, the role of the matchmaker assumes great importance. To know why hire a personal matchmaker read our blog on 5 Advantages of Hiring Acclaimed Personal Matchmakers. If using a matchmaker, the responsibility of profile presentation & setting up the meeting lies with them. Being professionals they are certainly best able to convince. Eventually, if the match responds positively then the case moves forward. Else, it is Step 1 again.

3. Family Meetings

Upon agreement of both the parties, face to face meeting needs to be arranged. If the first contact is through families, then family meeting is arranged. The intent is to figure out suitability between families. In the lock-down times, you can use video-conferencing as an alternative. Similarly, if the first contact is made between the matches directly then follow Step 4. Marriage is a bond that brings two families together. Familiarity between the families is necessary to get the process on-track.

4. Meetings between Boy & Girl

Mangliks Matrimony strongly recommends you to converse with & meet your match a minimum of 5-6 times. Consequently, you get to know each other’s quirks & tastes better. During, lock-down Mangliks Matrimony advises using 36 questions to fall in love to help understand each other better. Moreover, Mangliks Matrimony has an in-house psychological test to understand personalities better. This is the most noteworthy step. The boy and girl have to know each better to assess compatibility to move ahead. At times, in arranged marriages specifically parents rush into marriage. As a result, we have several unhappy couples. Hence, this step needs to be given due importance.

5. Finalization of the Match

You need to take a final decision basis insights from Steps 3 and 4. If it is in negative then the matchmaking starts afresh. Also, these Step Marriage Guide by needs to be followed again. If the answer is in affirmative then finalization happens.

To sum up, this blogpost elucidates the steps involved in matchmaking. It also underlines the role matchmaker plays in the process. If this post resonates with you do leave a comment. If you think that we need to highlight some other points as well do leave feedback.

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