Vedic astrology: Remedies for Early Marriage for Manglik

Vedic astrology: Remedies for Early Marriage for Manglik

In Vedic astrology, the Mangal dosha is considered to be a serious astrological condition that affects a person’s life, marriage and only brings misfortune. It is also known as the Kuja dosha, Bhom dosha or Angrakha dosha.

The Mangal dosha is regarded as a serious astrological condition in Vedic astrology that only brings misfortune to a person's life and marriage. It is also referred to as the Angrakha dosha, the Kuja dosha, or the Bhom dosha.

A celestial mix known as mangal dosha, kuja dosha, or chovva dosha occurs when Mars (Mangal) is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth positions of an ascendant birth chart or horoscope. Manglik is the name given to someone whose birth chart contains a mangal dosha. When Mars is in any of the aforementioned houses, it is thought to be bad for marriages and can cause problems, disagreements, tension, and dissatisfaction in marriage.

Vedic astrology Remedies for Early Marriage for Manglik
Vedic astrology Remedies for Early Marriage for Manglik

What effects does Manglik Dosha have?

  1. Delay in Marriage is the most common effect of the Manglik dosha.
  2. The Manglik dosha causes marriages to be finalized as late as 34, 38, and even 40 years old.
  3. In addition, if a manglik child marries a non-manglik spouse, many marriages have ended in death or serious accidents that resulted in the non-manglik spouse’s permanent disability.

Mangalik’s early marriage remedies include:

Marriage between Mangliks:

The negative effects of the planet are nullified when two Mangliks marry. Therefore, it is suggested that a Manglik should wed a Manglik in order to have a happy marriage.

Vivah Kumbh:

The mangalik must first wed a banana tree, peepal tree, or silver or gold Lord Vishnu idol as part of their ritual. When this ceremonial gets coordinated, the evil impact of Mangal Dosha gets diminished by an enormous degree.

Tuesdays are fast days:

Fasting on Tuesdays additionally cuts down the evil impacts of Manglik dosha. The Mangliks are only permitted to consume Toor dal (split-pigeon gram) during the fast.

Pooja ceremonies in temples:

Mangal dosha can be alleviated by going to the Navagraha temple. Performing poojas and visiting Master Hanuman sanctuaries on Tuesdays are powerful approaches to alleviating the evil impacts of mangal dosha.

Mantra of Navgrah:

The Mangliks also benefit from the Navagraha mantra chanted on Tuesdays.

Chalisa of Hanuman:

The Mangliks benefit as well from chanting Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays.

Gold and red coral studded ring:

Astrologers also advise Mangliks to wear a gold ring with red coral and diamonds on their right ring finger.

After the age of 28:

Because the dosha’s intensity decreases with age, Mangliks are advised to wed after the age of 28.


Swords and knives are offered as propitiation for Mars. Additionally, as a means of pacifying Mars, foods such as lenthil daal, wheat bread, red silk, and red stones are offered.

Mangal Dosha remedies, especially for women:

  1. For Shiva Linga, the girl should perform Abhisheka.
  2. The girl should recite the mantra “Om Namo Narayana” on a regular basis, and her parents should perform the “Narayana Pooja” to prevent her from getting married. The girl should fast on Mondays for sixteen consecutive Mondays and chant “Om Namo Narayana.”
  3. Girl must wed Shiva and Parvati and pray for an early marriage. She should read verses in Balkand of Ramcharita manas about how Shiva and Parvati wed.