Want to get married? Match your kundali

Kundali matching for marriage by name, date of birth, birth place and time.

Traditionally among the Hindus in India, a ‘vivah’ or a wedding is regarded as a tie for seven births and very sacred. Therefore, to ward off all possible evil influences and ensure a congenial married life, horoscopes of the prospective life partners are matched. A Horoscope is a Birth Chart or Natal Chartof an individual, prepared on the basis of the planetary positions at the time of birth. It is supposed to predict the life events of a person and highlight the positives and negatives. Kundali / Horoscope is used to ascertain the compatibility of two people as life partners.

Kundli Matching – Online Kundali Match Making for Marriage

Want to get married? Match your kundali
Want to get married? Match your kundali

It is widely believed that matching the ‘Gunas’ or Qualities (that are reflected in a horoscope) of two people is very crucial for a marriage to be successful. It is a scientific process that is followed and if the required number of ‘Gunas’ match, the alliance is formed. There are 36 Gunas that need to be studied and matched.

The gunas are classified under 8 categories encompassing mental compatibility, friendship, manglik dosh, sexual compatibility, similar / opposite qualities and viewpoints, children, health etc.

It is thought that two people will be good life partners only if more than 18 gunas match. The wedding proposal will be rejected by traditionalists otherwise. If 18-25 gunas match, then it is considered that the marriage will have a good future. Anything between 26-32 gunas matching, the pair is deemed to have a great future together. If more than 32 gunas match, then it is believed that the match is ideal. A shaadi is performed without doubt.

Astrology is a science and the calculations are done based on Vedic premises with due consideration given to all aspects of ones’ life. Indian Matrimony is considered serious business and a lot of thought and care goes into deciding the lives of the two people to be joined for life in a marriage.