Wedding Gifts That Only Your Friends Can Give You

Wedding Gifts That Only Your Friends Can Give You

As a potential bride or groom, you cannot control some aspects of your wedding. This is because your family has been enthusiastically waiting to plan it out for you for a long time. Whether it is a Manglik Shaadi that is consented or a love match or even arranged, family will have the final say. Yes, they will be considerate about your ideas but they will want to go ahead with some plans that they have always dream for you.

You cannot even predict the gifts that your family members and relatives get for you. What you can control is the gifts that your friends can gift you. There is no harm on taking advantage of this. After all, you will also get the opportunity to return the favor. Here are some gift ideas that you can ask your friends for:

Hotel Booking for Your Wedding Night

Ah, the end of your wedding means that you can finally get away from the chaos. Maybe not for those who have not planned out a stay at the hotel. Mingling with guests after the wedding is inevitable then. If you truly want to escape with your partner, you can ask your friends to book a hotel room for the night of your wedding.

Weekend Getaway

Once your honeymoon ends and you settle into the routine of your life, you will find yourself dreaming away about the time you and your partner spent alone. On top of that, the amount of socializing you will have to do as a new couple can be over the top! What better gift than a weekend getaway a few months after your wedding? Rekindle memories of your honeymoon and enjoy!

Other non-monetary gift that only your friends can give you is unparalleled support. A number of people have faced issues in convincing parents about their choice of partner or for Manglik Shaadi. There are many trusted sources, which you can refer to in case of such situations. Look up trustworthy sites for additional guidance.