What does Manglik means?

What does Manglik means?

There is an existing confusion around the term ‘Manglik‘ for the people who are new to Vedic Astrology. This article will talk about what Manglik means, what is the whole concept of Manglik in Vedic Astrology and what Manglik dosha means.

What does Manglik means?
What does Manglik means?

Different meanings for the term Mangalik

Word Manglik in Hindu culture and traditional speaking:

Manglik is the derived word of the Sanskrit word ‘Mangal’. Mangal in general terminology means auspicious. And ‘Manglik’ in this sense means “something auspicious”.

But Mangal is also one of the names of planet Mars in Vedic astrology. Mars in Vedic astrology is also known by the name ‘Kuja’. That’s why you might have heard that another name for Mangal dosha is Kuja dosha.

Word Mangalik in Vedic astrology and horoscope matching:

In astrology and mostly during marriage matching, the term ‘Manglik’ can have a very different reference. At this point, Mars refers to the planet Mars. And Manglik is a reference to the individual having something to do with the planet Mars in their horoscope and birth chart (also known as Kundli chart or Janma Kundli).

Since the term Manglik is a reference to the person with some sort of astrological significance or dosha in the birth chart. You might have also heard the words like Manglik person, Manglik individual, Manglik boy, Manglik girl and so on.

Now there is obvious confusion as to why Manglik and Mangal dosha are considered bad when the Sanskrit interpretation of that word is auspicious. According to the best of our knowledge, these diverging meanings can be due to the fact that the concept of Mangal dosha was introduced later in the marriage matching use case of Vedic astrology.

Now let’s understand the more in-depth meaning of Manglik. We need to look into the concept of Mangal dosha (also known as Kuja dosha or Manglik dosha).

Popular Terminologies for Mangalik

Manglik dosha – A horoscopic flaw that mostly affects married life as per Indian astrology.

Manglik Boy – A young male individual who has Manglik dosha in his horoscope horoscope.

Manglik Girl – A young female individual who has Manglik dosha in his horoscope.

Manglik Individual / Manglik Person – Anyone who possesses the defect of Manglik dosha into their horoscope.

Anshik Manglik – A person having partial Manglik dosha present in their kundli. Anshik Manglik dosha is a Manglik dosha in very low intensity.

Purna Manglik – A person having full-blown Manglik dosha present in their kundli. Purna Manglik dosha is generally considered a potent Manglik dosha by astrologers.

What does Mangala dosha mean?

When an Indian astrologer tells you that you have a Mangal dosha in your horoscope or you are a Manglik – That means the planet Mars is somehow acting harmfully in your horoscope for the marriage related things like getting married on time and married life after marriage.

How does Mangal Dosha occur?

Whenever Mars is placed in 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house or 12th house from Lagna or Moon it causes the Mangal dosha in general. But that Mars needs to be potentially very harmful in the horoscope and other things like the 7th house, the 7th house lord and the 7th house Karaka must be not very strong for this Mangal dosha to be very functional and powerful.

Effects of Mangal dosha or Manglik dosha

Since the Mangal dosha is about the bad influences of planet Mars on the important house like 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house. Its effects will be all about hampering or damaging the value associated with these houses and things involved in the proper functioning of married life. Those things which can be harmed by a harmful Manglik dosha are as below.

  • Health of the person.
  • Good availability of things like commodities, food, money and items of necessity and luxury.
  • Marriage happiness, Good married life and Conjugal bliss / Sexual happiness.
  • Long life of life partner.
  • Good purchasing power for taking care of the family and marital life.

Who is a manglik person?

We already know a Manglik person is a reference given to anybody having some sort of Manglik effects in their kundli chart/birth chart and they are called a Manglik individual. Some practitioners and experts of Indian astrology also divide the reference to a Manglik as Anshik Manglik and Purna Manglik.

Anshik Manglik – means having an Ansh of Mangal dosha or having a part of Mangal dosha (partly Manglik).

Poorna Manglik – means having a full-blown Mangal dosha.

Basically, this name reference is the way to say or denote the influence of Mangal dosha on the person’s birth chart.