What is manglik dosha and marriage to tree

What is manglik dosha and marriage to tree

Hello Guys People who believe in this superstition think that a manglik person will cause their non-manglik spouse’s early death. To prevent this disaster, the person may be married to a tree (such as banana or peepal), an animal, or an inanimate object.

Meaning and Need of Tree Wedding

Kumbh marriage is related to Manglik Yoga. If Mangal is sitting in the 1, 4, 7, 8, 12th position in the horoscope, then the sight of Mangal falls on the seventh house of the horoscope. In the horoscope the seventh house is for the husband and wife. The position of the seventh house for marriage is assessed. The Manglik yoga is formed when the Mangal is on the Seventh House. Among Manglik persons, those who are suffering from the evil effects of Mangal to a great extent or whose first marriage is likely to break due to Manglik Dosha or any other Yoga, are advised to Kumbh Marriage.

If Mangal Dosh is present in the horoscope of a person, then often there are obstacles in his marriage, but in the ancient Indus Granth, there are measures to avoid it, which would help to overcome such obstacles and difficulties and would mitigate the Mangal Dosh. Huh. As per Sindhu Granth for the remedy of this Dosha Aka-Vivah (for Boys) and Kumbh Vivah (for Girls).

According to Priests knowing something, if the age of bride and groom is more than 30 years or the place where the bride or bridegroom’s Mangal is located, Mangal Dosha is not considered even if there is Saturn-Rahu-Ketu or Sun in another horoscope. If the second horoscope was not Mangal-defective, it would remain. Mangal Dosha is not worth considering even if the number of the hooligans comes above 30 in the merits of the bride and groom.
According to experts, there is a very reasonable rationale behind the marriage of Kumbh, that if a girl has the sum of two marriages, then before marriage, the way a person is married by law, in the same way inanimate object i.e. marriage to a pot or tree and after that, that pot is broken or tree is cut down. In this way, when the girl gets married, she will not be considered as the first and second marriage.

It is also necessary to know who should or should not do Kumbh Vivah if they are known to the experts, because there are so many jhola chap pandits who, due to their incomprehensible knowledge, only give advice on seeing that the girl is Manglik Kumbh marriage. They do not know that an innocent person may have to bear the brunt of those who do this for the benefit of their little money. Kumbh Vivah is also a marriage and the marriage that follows will be seen from the second house of the horoscope. If the Kumbh marriage of all Manglik people is necessary, then at least forty percent of the cases of divorce or remarriage would have been due to Manglik people only. Therefore, only those who see Manglik should avoid those who prophesy abruptly. Kumbh Vivah should be done only when the sum of two marriages is in the horoscope. Kumbh Vivah can be advised in the horoscope given below.

Why Kumbh Marriage is done

There is a very reasonable logic behind the marriage of Kumbh, that if a girl has two marriages, then before marriage, the way a person is married by law, in the same way, by marrying an inanimate object i.e. a pot. In this way, the Dosh on the planets of the girl will be transferred to such tree or pot and also such marriage will not be considered as the first or second marriage because such marriage is conducted only to remove the Mangal Dosh of a girl.

Aquarius is the marriage for Mangal. If there is a valid yoga in the horoscope of the girl, then in North India, the statue of Vishnu is married.

Kumbh-Vivah, Vishnu-Vivah and Ashwatha-Vivah i.e. before the marriage of such a person, in which the horoscope of any one who is Manglik defective is married to one of these methods, then he can be married again to the non-Manglik defected Horoscope. In Kumbh-Vivah, the bride is married with a pitcher and after that the pot is broken. In Vishnu-Vivah, the bride is married to the statue of Vishnu-ji. Mangal-Dosha becomes ineffective for a long time, so keeping these things in mind at the time of marriage, we can make the future happy.

Happy marriage with Aquarius marriage If there is ‘Mangal Dosh’, ‘Validya Dosha’ or ‘Venus Yoga’ in the horoscope of the girl then the treatment is Aquarius marriage. The horoscope in which the horoscope of Mangal is in the seventh house, and the planet Mangal in the seventh house is in view of the valid factor Arishta yoga, such as Mangalik Dosh or Vishankanya Dosh – all of these contaminated Kumbhi in the scriptures for happy marriage Marriage is advised. Get married to Vishnu as Aquarius for a permanent married life.

If the bride or groom is one manglic then the girl should be married to Lord Vishnu first. By law, when a girl gets married to Lord Shrihari, then many serious planetary defects of her birth chart are eliminated. After that the girl can be married to another groom. This will make the life of both bride and groom happy and prosperous. If the Mangal in the horoscope is in the seventh house of the horoscope, there is a sun in the seventh or eighth house, there is a conjunction of the sun and moon in the seventh house, in the seventh house there is the Mercury of the low, in the seventh house, the girl’s Aquarius is According to marriage astrology, the seventh house in a horoscope is the causative gesture of marriage or marriage. Therefore, proper treatment should also be done in the event of contamination of this feeling.

Measures to be taken before marriage:

The most common remedy for Mangal Dosha of Girls is Ashwattha Vivah, Kumbh Vivah, and Vishnu Vivah.

In Ashwattha Vivah Girls get married to Peepal or Banyan tree and removes their Mangal Dosh.and that tree will be cut after marriage rituals are performed.

Since this marriage is just for the removal of Dosha and symbolic in nature so it is not mandatory to use the adult tree, a marriage can be performed using a small plant of peepal or banyan.

In Vishnu Marriage

This is the golden statue of Lord Vishnu, whose fire is uplifted and it is scriptural to complete the marriage process with dignity and determination.

Kumbh Vivah

Similarly, if a girl has Mangal Dosh, she is married to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu is established in this Kumbha or Kalash.

Mangal Dosh mitigation measures for boys

When lunar and star are favorable, it is such a scripture to get married and extract marriages on Saturday, Sunday or Hasta Nakshatra. It is believed that if there are any such defects in the horoscope of any Jataka (bridesmaid), then marrying Sun Virgo extract tree is called extract marriage. It is believed that married marriage enhances married happiness and marital delay is overcome.

Apart from this, other easy measures which are done before marriage are as follows: –

  • Keep and Worship Ganpati in your house at place of worship.
  • Worship Hanuman ji and recite Hanuman Chalisa.
  • Read Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

Marrying A Tree To Remove Manglik Dosha?

Hinduism has always been famous for its old rituals and practices. While most of Hindu practices are backed with scientific reasons, there are some which are not easily explainable.

Such practices include checking a couple's astrological compatibility before a wedding. In some cases, the bride is born with mangliks dosha and is considered a manglik. This means the bride's birth chart -- her fate -- is believed to cause an early death to her husband or cause the couple's separation. So, the couple is deemed incompatible.

Thus, according to Hindu custom, the bride is married off to a peepal or banana tree in order to break the curse. This is because it’s believed that mangal dosham causes problems in the first marriage only. The tree is then uprooted and destroyed, which symbolizes the death of the bride’s first husband. Upon nullifying the mangalya dhosham, the bride is married to her real groom.

This practice is now opposed in India as it is seen as violating the rights of women. Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, a manglik, followed this custom and married a peepal tree before tying the knot with her husband Abhishek Bachchan.