What is Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha?

What is Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha?

Mangal Dosha or Manglik Dosha is a condition in Vedic astrology which, only in severe cases, can cause some problems in marriage and the problems may be before or after the commencement of married life. The other popular names for Mangal dosha are Manglik dosha, Mangla dosha and Kuja dosha. Kuja is another name for Mars and since Manglik dosha is associated with Mars hence the name Kuja dosha.

In this article, we will talk about the basics of Mangal Dosha like: What is Mangal Dosha? How does a Mangal dosha happen? Identifying Mangal Dosha in the birth chart. And the relevance about the hype created around Mangal dosha in the horoscope and being a Manglik person.
What is Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha?
What is Manglik Dosha or Mangal Dosha?

Mangal dosha is one of the very popular and common kundli analysis applied by astrologer during the process of kundli matching. The improper levels of Mangal dosha between a couple are said to be bad for their married life. But how bad? And how to qualify and quantify that this dosha is solely responsible for possible future threats to the marriage or any of one’s spouse. Let us know more about Mangal dosha.

The Manglik dosha in astrology has well-known popularity among the common people who believe in Vedic astrology. Mangal dosha is widely famous, especially in India, but has notoriety and a bad name.

In astrology, specifically speaking about marriage astrology, there are many things that can cause harm to married life and even the possibility of marriage. From our point of view, we can say Mangal dosha is something which when present in combination with other harmful indications from kundli can cause something bad. So if you are someone who has little knowledge in astrology or is just getting started with astrology or anyone who learned about this dosha. We recommend that please consider this dosha as one of the many factors.

What is Mangala dosha?

Mangal dosha in a shell is nothing but an ill-functioning planet Mars. This ill-functioning Mars in the kundli is capable of exerting such kind of influence that in some or the other way harms the areas of married life.

Mars is a strong and logical planet in astrology, often known as the planet of wars. Actually it is true that Mars rules the martian things like fights, wars and quarrels. Unlike planet Venus who is a soft planet that rules the harmony of relationships, Mars is someone among the planet who is not well suited for marriage related matters. Hence, they say, the Manglik effect is better to be kept outside of marriage life.

We conclude that the hype around Mangal dosha might not be entirely irrelevant, but can be over-exaggerated. Let’s understand why?

Mars the planet that is linked with this Manglik dosha is one of the two most evil and high rated natural malefic. In Vedic astrology, Mars and Saturn are the top level malefic planets. Just by their respective nature, they do have some differences. Mars is more of an active planet whereas Saturn is passive. So at the physical level mars can be visually more malefic than Saturn.

Understanding it with an example – In some cases, an evil Saturn in the 7th house can delay the marriage up to the extent in life, that the marriageable age has passed. But yet the marriage can occur. On the other hand, an evil Mars when placed in the seventh house and is under an equally extreme scenario can cause suffering to the spouse or even the death of the spouse. But note that those are extremely extreme cases. All we wanted to tell was that the result caused by Mars is more at the physical level or we can say planet Mars operates in this fashion.

So the Mangal dosha, in general, is a bad condition in your kundli capable of harming the happiness of your marital life.

How does Mangal Dosha occur?

Definition for Mars dosha:

Mangal dosha or Manglik dosha arises when a strong Mars has evil functional capabilities for your birth chart, and such a Mars is placed in 1st house (Lagna), 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house or the 12th house of Lagna Kundli. .

The astrologer checks these placements of Mars with the Moon as well.

Is Mangala dosha dangerous?

Mangal dosha can only be a danger sign in very rare cases. In the rest of most of the cases, it only causes the miss-match of Manglik dosha levels between couples. That mismatch may cause some small troubles in the relationship. But which couple don’t have minor troubles in married life. This is a part of life.

Let me explain why Mangal dosha can be so called dangerous only in rare cases. If you recheck the definition for Mangal Dosha given above. You see that only Mars present in one of those houses does not give that ill fortune of Mangal dosha. That Mars has to be very bad potentially and functionally as well. And on top of all this, there should be no other good factors in the birth chart that might suppress the Mangal dosha. So it requires a lot for a Mangal Dosha to be that bad in function.

Why is the hype around Manglik dosha irrelevant?

If we go by the definition, there are 6 houses out of all 12 houses, where if Mars is placed would cause Mangal dosha. So there is a 50% chance of anyone having Mangal dosha in their kundli. Or we can say that 50% of the population will have the Mangal dosha. How relevant is it that every third person you meet is a Manglik? HYPE IS NOT RELEVANT AT ALL. And if we double-check the presence of this Mangal dosha from Chandra Kundli as well, the chances of someone having it further increases. So it is very clear that not all the cases of Mangal dosha will give the effects of Mangal dosha.

Hence the other half of the definition for Mangal dosha is very important.

Who can be called a manglik person?

A person with functionally present Mangal dosha in their horoscope can be called a Manglik person.