What to do at the end of a first meeting? The guys’ perspective

What to do at the end of a first meeting? The guys’ perspective

You meet a nice lady at one of our events and have a great time bonding with her. As the evening winds down, you wonder about the best way to let her know that you’d like to be in touch with her and get to know her better.

Here’s how!

You meet a nice lady at one of our social mixers, say, a cook-along at a fancy restaurant. You had a great time with lady you partnered with for the best dish competition, what with all the fun in trying to figure out the right ingredients and making the perfect dish! A spoonful of salt instead of a pinch, was barely noticed in the fun and laughter. Although cooking isn’t really your forte, you gave it a shot because you thought it would be interesting to try something new. Well whadda ya know! It was!

Now, after a few drinks and a dinner, the fun-filled evening is winding down. The camaraderie you felt earlier with your partner seems to have fizzled out. You rack your brain as to the best way to end the pleasant first meeting – knowing well that you would love to keep in touch with her and get to know her better.

What do you do? Well, it’s no rocket science. A few easy things to remember and you’re good to go.

Read the cues

Was the person you met fun and cheerful and seemed like the life of the party? Did she also resort to physical gestures like touching, or hugging, or gesticulating while making a point she was passionate about? That usually implies an outgoing, social personality.

Or, was she reticent and took time to warm up and then contribute to a conversation? Also, did she also value her personal space and appreciate physical boundaries as seen through her body language? That typically implies a more reserved personality.

Initiate a way to keep in touch

You had a great time talking to the outgoing person and want to connect with her. A simple “Had a great time! Would you prefer exchanging numbers or staying connected on Twoly Madly Deeply?” would be well received. If she’s comfortable enough with you, she’ll go for the former!

Or, suppose you bonded with the slightly reserved person and want to get to know her better. “May I connect with you on TwolyMadlyDeeply and take it from where we left off? It was really fun talking to you” would be appreciated. She would like to know you better over time,  and then take it to the next level when she’s comfortable with you.

Bid farewell

Giving the sociable person a quick hug might be appropriate. Trying anything more at the first meeting is a no-no.

Or, a friendly handshake and a wave would be well received by the reserved person who values her physical boundaries.

That said, every woman is different and every woman deserves your full respect. Use the abovementioned tidbits as generic guidelines – but take a call and improvise according to the type of event you’re in. No matter which place the event is being held, these few pointers would be best kept in mind at all times.

  • Check whether she has a ride back home from the event
  • Walk her to her ride if she’s comfortable with you, especially if its night time

That’s it – Now you connect with the lady and get to know her better!