Why do doctors prefer other doctors as their life partners?

Why do doctors prefer other doctors as their life partners?

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Marriage is all about compatability. When one dreams about their life partner, one always thinks about a happy, understanding husband. Marriage is a huge responsibility and in order to enjoy a smooth relationship certain quality is needed in a partner. In earlier times, most of the doctors did not get married to other doctors. Why do you ask? Because few women went to medical colleges and pursued medical field. This led to fewer women doctors in the society. Most of the women were housewives and concentrated on their families. The times have changed now and people are willing to concentrate on their career first and are getting married in their late twenties and thirties.

Doctors look for compatibility

The most basic quality that everyone wishes to have in their partner is ‘compatibility’. Imagine getting married to someone that is not compatible at all! Life would have been so difficult. The secret to a happy married life is to marry someone of the same profession. All the medico brides and grooms look out for someone from a similar medical specialization as it makes it easier to understand each other’s profession. This even helps in sparking a conversation between the two and can easily discuss various matters with each other.

Spend time together

It might sound a bit too much but it is true. The life of doctors is not easy as they barely get time for themselves. However, this routine may work when they are bachelors, but after getting married, things get different. It is important to spend time together and this is possible when the two doctors have the same specialization and have the chance to work together. This ensures you don’t forget your partner’s face.

Sailing in the ship of ‘Relationship’

Suppose that you have just received an invitation for a family function or your anniversary is approaching. How will you convince your partner that you can’t make it or may even have a chance to be present for a short period of time? Well, guess what? You don’t have to do anything if both you and your partner are doctors. As discussed before, the level of understanding develops when your partner is from the same field. This is because they go through similar experiences and who knows they may even have appointments the very same day!

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