Why  Nuclear families rely on matrimony sites ?

Why  Nuclear families rely on matrimony sites ?

Families in India are going through changes as a result of change in economic pofile and urbanisation. Even Medium size families are coming to Urban areas.

In 1900, when your grandfather and grandmother were in youth age and not married, the joint family system was very common. Since Economic opportunities were local and majorly driven by agriculture, people were used to finding matches in their locality or nearby as it was very easy for them. At that time travel opportunities were also limited

Why  Nuclear families rely on matrimony sites ?
Why  Nuclear families rely on matrimony sites ?

It was very easy to find matches in their religion/caste through the old fashioned social network in close proximity

Mangliks, one of the premier matrimony sites in India has conducted a survey in the age group of 24 to 34 years for 10000 people. It was found in the survey that 64% of the female respondents wanted to live separately with their husband. Among the male respondents, 44% wanted to live separately with  their wives.

Joint family system in India not only meant that same family members living in the same house. It also means the same family members living in the same town or street. The joint families in India are gradually giving way to the nuclear family systems in India.

Not living with extended family in close contact presents a lot of difficulties to the people living in nuclear families to find a perfect relationship for marriage.

Matrimonial Sites in India helps to provide the prospective matches from within the same caste or community. With the help of matrimony sites, people looking to marry as well as his parents can search out for the lakhs of profiles for marriage in very quick time and affordable manner.

That’s why parents and the people looking to marry prefer to sign up with matrimony sites free.

Matrimonial sites in India such as Mangliks provide you the golden services to register free with them to search out for lakhs of profiles of brides and grooms on their site for free. You may also chat with the person you are interested in to know more about him and his family backgrounds.

Matrimony sites also provide you the option to quick search for brides and grooms on various grounds such as caste, religion, sub caste, age, height, complexion, region, mother tongue and many more.

The biggest change that the matrimonial sites have introduce in the arranged marriage for both nuclear and joint families is the opportunity to interact. In the offline system a lot of time was wasted looking for a particular relation for marriage with suitable matches. With the use of matrimonial sites , it is quite easy now for the both the girls and boys to communicate with each other through online services of these sites.

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