5 Tips To Create The Best Marriage Biodata For Bengali Brahmin Matrimony

5 Tips To Create The Best Marriage Biodata For Bengali Brahmin Matrimony

When you opt for an arranged marriage one of the things you need to prepare with utmost care is the resume that you send out. A biodata contains all the details about yourself, your likes, dislikes, family background and expectations.

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Therefore, here are 5 tips to create the best marriage biodata for Bengali Brahmin matrimony.

Tip #1: Choose A Beautiful Template

The template that you use for your curriculum vitae should be clear and simple, such that all the information is available on a single page. Don’t go for a resume that is two pages long, nobody has the time. Furthermore, choose your favorite colors and fonts. Remember this is all about you and your self-expression. You will find many templates online that you can download for free.

Tip #2: Put Attractive Pictures Of Yourself

While you should put attractive pictures of yourself, you should not touch them up in any way. In the case of leads, there will be frustrations if you do not look like your photograph. Do not try to lighten or darken your skin tone, be proud of what God gave you. Smiling. It will give you a relaxed vibe rather than a serious look. Also, include 2 photos of yourself, one of a close-up and another a full length.

Tip #3: Talk About Your Interests And Expectations

This part is vital as this is your marriage sales pitch. Be honest and write about what you would like to do in your off-time and what habits you enjoy. Additionally, talk about your expectations from your future spouse and what you want your married life to be like. Be open and honest because you are not here to play the field.

Tip #4: The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

When you fill in the details of your salary, job experience, expectations, likes and dislikes, confess the truth and nothing but the truth. There is no need to lie and to appear to be something you are not. You will find acceptance from someone for just being yourself. So, be honest as you would expect everybody to be honest with you.

Tip #5: Be Yourself

Your marriage biography is one place where you can be your authentic true self. Don’t try to be professional, this is not a job, don’t try to be perfect because no one is! If you want to find a life partner who will love you for yourself, do not fake it.


Therefore for Bengali Brahmin matrimony the biodata that you circulate needs to be the real McCoy. You presented the best version of yourself and let God (or the algorithms!) take care of the rest.

On that note, prepare your marriage resume with the utmost care!