9 Common Misconceptions About Arranged Marriages

9 Common Misconceptions About Arranged Marriages

Whenever non-Indian people hear about arranged marriages, they think it is a regressive, backward and stupid way to enter a lifelong partnership that’s supposed to be about love.

Far from the truth!

So today we are going to bust some common misconceptions about organized marriages. Arrangements are a match of equals. They imbue traditional values and are fit for those who are too busy to date or belong to a particular community or could not find a husband from their social circle.

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You Can’t Find True Love In An Arrangemented Marriage

Give us the precise definition of true love before you say that!

Organized marriages are the meeting of individuals, who may not know each other at first, but who agree to get married based on mutual kindness, respect, friendship and companionship. It sounds a lot like the decent kind of love, most people are looking for in a relationship and not the lust that they are faced with most of the time.

Will You Marry Someone You Barely Know

No, you will not.

You will go on a pair of dates first, talk to the person in a frank and open manner about your expectations from the marriage. Typically, such marriages even have a year of courtship and longer engagements for the pair to work out where they stand. So, you will enter an arranged marriage with your eyes open and only after you attain some comfort level with the person. To find the husband you always wanted try this best Bengali matrimony site.

There Are Lots Of Fakers

There are more counterfeiters in the dating world than in the arranged marriage world.

You do not need verified statistics to know this. Just look around your friends circle. So who opts for an organized marriage? No losers and ugly people Instead, someone who can’t find a suitable husband within their social circle, someone with a traditional bent of mind, or someone who never had time to date. Therefore, such people are serious-minded and won’t be fakers.

Arranged marriages don’t work

But, they do!

Statistics prove that arranged marriages end in divorce less than other types of marriage. So, if you opt for this type of marriage, expect it to last. In an arranged marriage both partners know that they have to accommodate with each other for the long run. Therefore, they are more accommodating of each other and kinder to each other. Because the expectations are low, they are more likely to be pleasantly surprised.

Arranged Marriages Are Forced

No, they are not forced.

Not unless you are living in a village somewhere that has not moved with the times. Both parties in an organized marriage do meet, their families and friends meet and they talk. They spend a lot of time chatting as they need to know each other better. You can walk out at any time whenever you spot a red flag you do not like. And the best part is there are no broken hearts. In an arranged marriage, the last thing you give away is the most valuable thing to you: your heart.

It Takes A Lot Of Adjustment

Every and any sort of marriage takes a lot of adjustment at first, not just arranged marriages.

Arranged marriages have one benefit. It is that neither partner can complain that the other changed after marriage which is the most common complaint in love marriages. So, while arranged marriages can be risky at first, things will ultimately smoothen out.

It Is Regressive

Arranged marriages are difficult to regress.

They were common in the 1900s in Europe and were the order of the day amongst the royalty there. Therefore, they are not regressive, rather, practical, uncomplicated and simplified. It may lack romance initially, but ultimately, both partners can find a way to bring the romance they always wanted in their lives.

Arranged marriages do not take the consent of women.

This is completely false unless you are living in a rural and regressive community.

Modern-day organized marriages take the consent of women. In fact, no self-respecting father will permit his daughter to marry unless she is absolutely comfortable with the match. Times have changed, and the modern urban organized marriage is very different from those of the past.

Parents Organize The Match

Not always.

Nowadays, people find their true love on marital sites like a Bengali matrimony site. They set up their own profiles, organize their own dates and meet like a regular date. Parental consent is a vital aspect of marriage, but parents do not impose marriage on their children any longer.


Arrangements are a beautiful, traditional, and sensible way to get married. They have evolved significantly from the arranged marriages of the past. Nowadays, they are equivalent to dating apps without the slease and lust. Therefore, use the best Bengali matrimony site to find your future spouse.