Advantages of Arranged Marriages in India

Advantages of Arranged Marriages in India

All we have a Doubt About manglik marriage! This is a Mega Event of Hole life. we all have a Dream of Enjoy Marriage as a Memorable Event. Some times We question About Love and Arrange marriage.

Love marriage is better or arranges marriage?

Arranged Marriage

Marriage also called Matrimony -Arrange Marriage is a Traditional System For a Marriage Relationship. This cultural System establishes rights and obligations between them, as well as between them and their children also between Two Family. Here the Couples Selected By matchmakers . with Consults of Parents and Couples. Some times Parents are also Arrange Consulting Eachother. 97% Arranged Marriage Couples are Leaves a Happy Life.

Love Marriage

Love Marriage is marriage between Couples when they are in love. they spend some time with each other and well understand each other. At the time of dating they decide to take this relationship to death . as per my opinion, loves happens on the age of 22-30 are more successful. Those are fall in love at a tin age mostly in between 15-22 are probably 10% are Leaves Together. At this age they do not well understand each other, this is the main reason they suffer. Mostly at this age, they are not Self Depended and parents are not agree with this Relationship. Few Parents are Agree with this and support them.

Love marriage brings More Happiness when it is received by both the parents and Celebrate traditionally.

Advantages List of Arranged Marriage

  • People may match better
  • Higher level of experience of parents
  • Assurance of social status
  • Financial security
  • Cultural similarities of partners
  • Rational rather than emotional decision
  • Family connections are strengthened
  • Similar ethics
  • Religious fits
  • Similar values
  • People may live in a happy bubble
  • Avoidance of lovesickness
  • No stress to find a partner