Are arranged marriages better than love marriage?

Are arranged marriages better than love marriage?

Our mind may say that the love marriage is better as both of the life partners know each other very well. But then your mind might wisher that getting your parents arrange for someone special for you may be better. In love marriages both of the partners know each other before while in arrange marriage there are more roles and responsibilities of the family. It is applicable to all non- manglik and manglik brides & grooms

A marriage can be said to be great when an imperfect couple learn well to enjoy their differences rather than perfect couple come together.

Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage is also a contract between two families rather than only the couple.

Arranged marriage happens when both the family have a better idea about each and eventually to carry their relations forward.

The conflict between the two couple can be well resolved as it also involves the family from both the sides to sort out the conflict.

In arranged marriage, the couple whether non manglik or manglik brides and grooms is guided for their life ahead by the parents. In love marriage the couple doesn’t have other person would rarely guide for future complexities. is one of the best matrimonial sites in India to search out for the lacs of profiles for manglik brides and grooms. You would find the perfect soul mate with Mangliks. Register free with to browse for Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam and much more Indian matrimony for free.

Love marriage

Both of the individuals know each other from earlier and take a decision to live the life with each other.

Couple is held responsible for any future misunderstandings between them. Nobody else can be blamed for it.

–Couple knows about each others like and dislikes from before and has a better understanding from earlier.

As the couple is independent to take decisions at their own independent level, it helps to eradicate social stigmas such as dowry with their mutual consent.

Extra expenses can be cut out with mutual consent.  Any non manglik  or manglik brides or grooms may encounter such a situation in life.

Both the arranged and love marriages have their own merits and demerits. Marriages are full of uncertainties. Success of a marriage depends upon how well the couple adjusts to each other’s need well.

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