Have a perfect planning for your Dream Wedding – Mangliks.com

Have a perfect planning for your Dream Wedding – Mangliks.com

Dream Wedding requires tons of efforts. There would be a proper planning for clothes, cakes &marriage card etc. We believe 12 months is perfect to plan your dream wedding in a better way.

12 Months before the wedding

Dream Wedding is not eay. It requires planned efforts, whether to choose the best photographer, videographer or selecting the wedding dresses. The trick is to fix your big ideas and get them to practice through small planned efforts. Choose your theme properly right from the venue, music and up to the napkin colors. There should be a proper checklist maintained for the wedding. Mangliks.com is the the better way for you to find the perfect manglik life partner.

8-10 months before the wedding

The next important thing in the checklist is to book your honeymoon. Its better that the earlier you book, the more you save.

The next important step is to look out for a perfectly designed wedding cake. It requires a choice to be made amongst the thousands of variations, decorations, The Cake designer will guide for this process with ease.

Next thing in the check list is to plan for the perfect wedding music. It will require proper selection of music according to the suitable timings for the entire wedding. Look out for mangliks.com, if you are searching perfect manglik brides, grooms, manglik Kundli matching for manglik matrimony

4-6 months before the wedding

Next step in the checklist is to make proper selection for the dresses of bridesmaids. You have to make this choice earlier so that they can have the proper timings for fittings, alterations of dresses and accessories.

2-3 months before the wedding

Three months seems like a lot of time, but there’s still so much to worry about. This is the time to scout the venue to plan all of your photo shoots, start crafting or buying your wedding favors, finalizing your speech, and so much more. Once you’ve created your checklist for wedding ceremony go back and assign how long you think you’ll need for each task, and leave a little room Three months look to be a lot of time. But there are still works to do. It is the time, you should be looking to search out for the perfect venue for marriage photo shoots, wedding favors. Once you created the checklist, divide the time slots according to how much time you require for various tasks in the check lists.  You should plan you non – manglik or manglik matrimony perfectly

Most often the unexpected happens. The videographers get double booked. You lose some weight. The wedding dresses don’t have the proper fitting. These things go hand in hand and can be dealt with proper planning.

Plan smart and stay happy.