Mars in the Fourth House of Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Mars in the Fourth House of Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

This is a vital position for Mars, as this house concerns getting movable, conveyance, heart, mother and immovable assets in direct inheritance from adopting parents or natural parents or without adoption, just as a gift. In this house, result of Mars depends on the Rasi in this House.

The individual would have cordial relations with mother, would get her full affection and protection in childhood if a Rasi is owned by Mars itself or by Sun or Jupiter,. Mother would oppose the child being sent to a residential school. The individual would inherit property from parents. No doubt, it would be at late stage in youth for the person to own a conveyance of comfort, but conveyances of comfort owned by others would always be at his or her disposal.

The individual would acquire, build or buy own property too in addition to what has been or has not been received in inheritance or by adoption. The heart of these individuals would function perfectly well even beyond the 60’s of age if these individuals keep away from smoking and drinking on a regular basis. These people get respect and acceptance from people in position and power.

If Sun or Jupiter in the 4th House owns strong Mars is in its own Rasi or in a Rasi, the person would wield a position of power. In this context, do not miss the point that it is Mars alone which always has full drishti (aspect) on a house which is in the 7th position from the Rasi or House which is Mars occupied, irrespective of the distance in terms of degrees.

Mars in 4th house makes a person bold, daring, dashing and competent to face difficult situations, and also die-hard enemies and adversaries, in life. These persons are generally generous in material matters and liberal in helping or accommodating others on top of all qualities

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These individuals are not able to tolerate insubordination, indiscipline, disobedience and lack of loyalty at the same time. They have force in what they say, and they have force in their voice too. These individuals make successful and efficient commanders of combatant forces and armed constabulary.

They are generous to a fault, if it is admitted by the wrong-doer. These individuals can only be compelled by the pressure of circumstances to dispose of property in full or in part, and they generally stick to the price quoted by them. They are straightforward in any transaction at the same time, and do not have any intention to exploit or cheat anyone for own advantage.

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But There is a different story when Mars in a Sign owned by Saturn, Venus, Mercury, or Moon. Then, they are diehard in their approach to men and matters. They often do not surrender their ground. They refuse to yield, even at a heavy cost to themselves. At the drop of the hat, they sell the ancestral property. They have intentions of usurping the share of other claimants in the property. These people have position of power, high or low and assert themselves more forcefully than their actual position if Capricorn is in the fourth House,.

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These individuals should always stay careful against injury by accident (including fall from a high level or on slippery ground), heart ailment, disturbance in blood system, maladjustment between mother and spouse as a matter of general caution,, because in the process these individuals suffer double pressure helplessly. Their vehicles meet with accidental damage more often than normal. Human body may broadly be categorized of two kinds: one is a blunt one and the other one is which gives bleeding, and, the other, without bleeding. Mars is associated with injuries causing bleeding.

Thus, Mars in the fourth house rarely fails for bleeding injuries in the adolescence and childhood, including sometimes any of the injury of the head (skull). When Mars is in the fourth house and Sun or Moon in the Ninth or Tenth house, there are strong chances of the person enjoying inheritance by adoption or by way of gift. The person leaves the family of parent in infancy itself on being adopted by someone related to the family but living separately if Mars is in Aries, Leo or Capricorn,

Someone living jointly with the natural parents adopts the child if Mars is in Taurus, Scorpio, or Pisces. As mentioned above, Mars in the fourth house creates differences between mother and spouse, which means it, disturbs the married life of the person.

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