How To Think Wisely For Fixing Your Wedding Date Being A Manglik?

How To Think Wisely For Fixing Your Wedding Date Being A Manglik?

There are many factors that account for while choosing your wedding date. There are many decisions to taken regarding the dates for pre – wedding and post wedding functions for manglik or non manglik matrimony such as roka, engagement, sagan and mehendi.

How To Think Wisely For Fixing Your Wedding Date Being A Manglik?
How To Think Wisely For Fixing Your Wedding Date Being A Manglik?

#1. Decision On Budget

One important factor for a lot of couples being manglik or non manglik brides or grooms that drives the decision to decide a date for their wedding. Getting married during the wedding season is always costlier than rest of the year. So, those who do not plan to spend big on their wedding can look for a date during the off-season for non manglik or manglik matrimony.

#2. Astrological Data

An expert astrologer is paramount as you would not want an auspicious wedding date, which is correct astrologically. But, before you finalize the date, ask your astrologer to give you a set of dates that are ideal according to your horoscopes. This gives you a considerable number of choices to decide on the day.

#3. Time For Courtship

Couples being non manglik brides and grooms who have met through an arranged marriage via online sites or friends and family. Today’s couples prefer to have a long courtship, say six to eight months for their non manglik or manglik matrimony, to know each other better before getting married . Even those who are going for a love marriage might need time, so that their families can get to know each other, and they can adjust themselves according to their future spouse’s family.

#4. Matching Dates with Special Occasions

Dates do matter, you my want to get married on valentines day or the day you proposed to each other or the day you met to keep a time clock remembrance. Some couples being manglik or non manglik brides and grooms want their wedding date to be the same as that of their parents, so this is another thing you too can think over.

#5. Considering Brides Wishes And Desires

The groom to be should try hard to understand what the bride being non manglik or manglik wants , he should ensure to keep her happy and contended at all times for non manglik or manglik matrimony.

Once you have decided your date, send a card, a message or a simple telephone message to your relatives and friends to help them lock in the dates. This will help them request time off from work or make the necessary travel arrangements. Todays time even Watsapp messages work, but do ensure to call them up. Wish you a very happy matrimony.

#6. Wedding seasons & vendors

As most Indians believe in astrology its good to do bookings in advance as on heavy SAYA days everything is expensive as its the season for vendors to make good money. Even as you consider the horoscopes and astrology to set the best dates, you might not prefer to have a wedding  being non manglik or manglik matrimony during the harsh summer or the monsoon season. Also, the venue that you have set your heart on, might have already been booked for that day

#7. Planning For Destination Wedding

If you are planning to have a destination wedding being non manglik or manglik matrimony, then you have to be extra-cautious before deciding your wedding date. Once you have a set of possible dates with you, enquire about the climatic conditions of the desired place during that time as summers are harsh in India and they can really elevate the attendance of guests not coming.

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