Kumbh Vivah — A Spiritual Solution For Manglik Matrimony

Kumbh Vivah — A Spiritual Solution For Manglik Matrimony

India is a country having believes in spiritual solutions. There is a spiritual solution to almost every of the problems. There are many doshas that are existing there in Hindu religion. Mangal Dosh is one of the Dosha that is affecting the human life and leading to a delay in marriage for manglik boy or girl.

Mangal Dosh is impacting the life of the person that is having it and the people around him. There are many spiritual solutions to handle mangal dosha. Kumbh Vivah is one of the important solutions to handle Mangal Dosh problem.

When a boy or girl is facing manglik dosha in his horoscope or Kundli, Then one of the spiritual solution is Kumbh Vivah which is the process to marry with a pot for remove the bad impact from their after marriage life and it shows the true color after they got marry. Kumbh Vivah is one of the significant solutions for Manglik Matrimony.

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Kumbh Vivah is combined from the two words Kumbh which means pot and Vivah which means wedding or marriage. So its combined meaning is the wedding with the pot.

When a person is impacted from Manglik Dosha in his horoscope or Kundli, the Kumbh Vivah is the solution for it which is the spiritual one. In Kumbh Vivah for Manglik Matrimony, the manglik bride marries with a pot and hence removing the ill effects from their post marriage life that shows its impacts after getting married.

Major Manglik Dosha causes a lot of problems and issues in a person’s life like major diseases, serious relationship problems, even the death of husband or wife etc. On the other hand the Anshik Manglik Dosh causes the problems such as disputes between manglik brides and grooms, delivery issues for the babies, some of the major health issues.

Kumbh Vivah for the manglik grooms or brides is just as the normal marriage ceremonies and rituals that are performed normally with the pot such as wedding mantras in the marriage, pheras, Kanyadaan and many other rituals. After that the manglik girl is supposed to change her dress, removing all threads. After that without letting anyone know, the girl is flowing the pot in the river. After having this spiritual solution, the girl is freed of Mangal Dosha and may marry the person of his choice. Read More…

In Kumbh Vivah for Manglik Matrimony the pot is having the role of first husband for the manglik bride that’s having mangal dosh in her Kundli. So all the ill effects are drawn away from the life with the flown pot in the river and Mangal Dosha would never affect the post marriage life after performing Kumbh Vivah

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