Why Love Marriages Fail In India: What Vedic Astrology Explains

Why Love Marriages Fail In India: What Vedic Astrology Explains

Marriage is a beautiful relationship. When we love someone deeply, we want to spend our entire life with that person. But what if the marriage ends abruptly due to any misunderstanding or any other issue? There can be countless reasons why love marriages fail in India, but like every problem has a solution, astrology can treat this problem.

Consult Love Marriage Astrology to Know Why Love Marriages Fail in India

Generally, when we converse about love marriages, many questions pop up inside our heads. Questions such as,

  • Is love marriage successful in India?
  • How many love marriages end up in divorce in India?
  • What is the percentage of successful love marriages in India?

Astrology gives answers to all these and many more questions.

Love Marriages and the Role of Planets

We know that planets and the other celestial bodies influence our horoscope and affect our lives. A thorough study of astrological charts reveals the inclination toward love marriage. It also helps to determine why love marriages fail in India or why love marriages are not successful in India.

Let’s unfold which astrological combinations affect the love life:

  • As per Vedic astrology, planet Venus is responsible for love, marriage and romance. A deep study of the degree of this planet, its house and its relation with the other planets helps astrologers decide why love marriages fail in India. In a nutshell, this planet chooses to about the success or failure of love marriage.
  • Position of Sun also helps to know why love marriage fails. The study of the Sun concerning other planets determines a woman’s relationship with her husband.
  • Moon, if placed with Saturn, may cause a delay in marriage.
  • The 7th house in the horoscope represents love and harmony. Whereas the 5th house shows whether a love affair will convert into a love marriage.
  • If the Sun and Moon position is good in the natal chart, one can expect happiness, love, and harmony in married life.
  • Apart from these reasons, the malefic influences in the horoscope also affect love relationships in life.

Therefore, to know why love marriages fail in India, you should consult a trusted astrologer. Apart from the planetary combination in your natal chart, astrologers also study the horoscope of your love partner. It helps them accurately determine the vibrations and effects that influence the love marriage.